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 I recommend 
or Luno(non USA)

Earn from Revenue Share

Recommended  -  Substantial earning potential




From Aunty Elizabeth whom we always trust.
You can not lose at  CoinAdShare.

If you are here to earn Bitcoin or share your opportunities, you are just in the right place.
Everyone here has one thing in common, everyone here are seeking Bitcoin Opportunities.
Earn Bitcoin in revshare. Get hits for your site. 

Can you key into the dream? Earn Daily.
A place where you can Advertise and Earn.

- Earn From The RevShare
- Monetize your  website or blog.
-Suitable for Team leaders that own   Telegram or Whatsapp group.
- Suitable for students, and working class who wants to earn more   income.
-Suitable for Youtube Promoters
-Suitable for internet marketers.

The best of luck.

Invest and/or Promote
your Business

Recommended  -  Substantial earning potential

- Up to 154% GUARANTEED Earnings
- Earn Up to $36.30 Per Click
- 10 Second Ad View Timer
- Ad Pack Cost ONLY $1.00
- Buy Multiple Ad Packs
- Banner and Text Advertising
- Earn 10% Commission on Referral Spending
- Earn 5% Commission Referral Earnings

To your success

Passive Trading

Recommended  -  Substantial earning potential

"We provide all our members with a fantastic way to gain more traffic and ultimately more business, while at the same time providing a passive income stream from our very sustainable and proven trading activities, which are mirrored through our free trading signals service - providing complete transparency and a track record for you to follow. You can also earn great big commissions through our unique affiliate system inside our trading school "

MyPassiveTrades is a reputable and very transparent company good earning oppertunuaties. Everybody loves this one.

Compound to $1000... then take 1% of the pot $10 every 3rd day and compound on other 2. The pot will keep growing and so will your withdrawals.

Cloud Mining

Recommended  - Long term solution

Don't want to buy Crypto currency? Rather mine then.
IQ Mining is a popular choice for cloud mining.
No need to buy noisy expensive equipment that don't last. 

No  need to click on websites to earn .
Reputable company.

Surf Websites
and Earn Bigtime

Recommended  -  Substantial earning potential

BoostPaid is a Revenue Share and PTC Platform.
Low relatively low investment but  but a high income.
You earn by surfing a few websites a day.
You can earn from 120% to 130% Return on AdPacks, depending on what level you are in.
Good luck.

Stop. Take a Break

Lets be honest. We all need that as well. Get it at booking.com

Online Surveys

Choose yor country and earn at Mobrog

Games and Stuff


Play Games, and win CryptoCurrency with FreeBitco .


 Miniclip is just plain free fun.  All work and  no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Site Promotion

Promote your site  for FREE

STOP Working for a while.
 Take a break. You need that as well.

Zalaban movies and series
The Zalaban Broadcasting Corporation

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Some of these programs pay more than other.
You might have money and decide to invest. The big question is who to choose and how to spread it. Well, to be blatantly honest, I can’t help you. Al I can do is declare how I spread mine. Its up to you to copy me. I  can't grantee anything.

CoinAdShare         35%

IQ Mining             20%

MyAddsUp           15%

MyPassiveTrades     15%

BoostPaid            15%

            Total    100%       

The rest are free programs with upgrade options.

The Fine Print


This web page does not provide personal investment advice and I am not a qualified licensed investment advisor. I am an amateur investor/player/worker/learner.

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While the information provided is believed to be accurate, it may include errors or inaccuracies.

I don't own any of the above sites but do participate in all of them. I accept the risk involved. The same goes for you. Don't spend more than you can afford to lose.

Have fun. and good luck.


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